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Welcome to Sundown – Cleaning Information & Tips

Hey there, good to see you at Sundown – Cleaning Information & Tips!

I’m Brent D. Snyder, and let me tell you, I’ve had a lifetime in the cleaning game—started back in ’75 up in Red Cloud, Nebraska.

Life’s taken me to some interesting spots, but I’ve always been the guy who knows a thing or two about keeping things spick and span.

Down in Sacramento, California, I teamed up with some fellow contractors and friends who gladly shared their tips and tricks about the cleaning biz. Janitorial tasks, making places germ-free, taking care of floors—I’ve been there, done that.

Now, in my retirement years, my family and I have put together Sundown – Cleaning Information & Tips to share the wisdom. Picture it: me, with a cup of coffee in hand, thinking about the best ways to keep your spaces clean and healthy.

Whether you’re tackling your home sweet home or a bigger space, I’ve got your back.

Join me on this journey, and let’s make cleaning a bit more human and a lot more enjoyable.

Cheers to tidier and healthier spaces!